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OohGee Games is an online interactive gaming platform used to build the i.Q and speed of a person. OohGee has various games that anyone can play and all games are educative and helps every player to grow in knowledge, accuracy and speed.
To Make OohGee more fun, interesting and intriguing, we added reward games to oohgee. Oohgee has a Demo/Free version where you can play the IQ game forever at no cost, just for the Knowledge and Fun and then, a Paid Version where you win money for Testing your IQ and get paid in less than Twenty-Four (24) hours after requesting for a cash out.
 General Instructions
 Simply Signup or Login on oohgee and select your game chioce. You can play demo forever, anytime of the day but when you want to play reward games you have to fund your OohGee wallet with a minimum of ?500 so you can be able to Play any reward game( Starting from N60) and get rewarded.

 What Kind of Games does OohGee Offers?
All Games on oohgee are educational and helps the players mind grow and develop their IQ.

Structure of the Game
 All Games on oohgee has different structures but they are similar in having a demo mode and a reward mode. In the demo mode, you can play the game forever at no cost just for knowledge and fun. In the reward mode, you have to fund your oohgee wallet and pay a game entry fee to be able to aquire rewards after winning the game.
You can play all games on oohgee as many times as possible a day and withdrawing your money takes less than 24hours to get to your bank account. Your preferred method of payment must be provided after you register on the platform.
What is the Minimum Amount to Fund my Account?
 The minimum funding amount is ?500 (Meaning you can only fund an account with figures at or higher than 500.)
What is the Minimum/Maximum Withdrawal Amount?
 The minimum cash out amount is N2000 (Meaning you need to have at least up to N2000 in your total earnings tab before you can cash out) while the Maximum daily cash out amount is N1,000,000. (Meaning that the highest money you can cash out a day is N1,000,000.) Also, we charge a N100 Withdrawal fee for every successful cashouts.
What happens if my game gets interrupted?
Peradventure, you mistakenly logged out whilst playing a reward game, your money would have already been deducted and there would not be a refund. But if somehow your session was paused due to device error or internet disconnections when you haven’t completed the game, you can always continue from where you stopped, so long as the time interval for that session hasn’t elapsed.
How do I Deposit/Fund my OohGee account?
There are two methods to fund your OG account.
Online Transfer (Through Paystack): You can pay online with your bank cards, USSD codes or VISA QR using paystack and all online payment attracts a N15 fee.
Bank Transfer/ Deposit via Agent: You can make payment via our agent through agent bank account and all deposits attracts a N100 fee.
How do I Withdraw my Earnings?
Minimum Withdrawal is N2000 (Meaning you need to have at least up to N2000 in your total earnings tab before you can cash out). We payout via your provided Local bank account or via Paypal. You can withdraw your earnings immediately and get credited in less than 24 hours.
Note: You cannot withdraw the money in your wallet as this is the deposited money and will only be used for gameplays. You can only withdraw the money in your Total earnings Tab. Also, we charge a N100 Withdrawal fee for every successful cashouts.
To participate in OohGee, you must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and possess a personal bank account.
Please bear in mind that OohGee is just an intellectual challenge designed to help you have fun, learn and Make Money whilst being smart. Always fund your wallet with your spare money and control your use of this platform. Your use of OohGee indicates that you agree with our terms of use and privacy policy.
If you do not agree with them you are advised to discontinue the use of the platform.
Please, we are open to suggestions on how we can improve your user experience; do not hesitate to reach us via email,  


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